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Ca' Rezzonico

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Birthdays at the museum

bottone prenotazione online attività educative su TickeLandia engFor children aged 7 to 12: The museum becomes an exciting and immense “board game” designed exclusively for birthdays, offering a unique, exciting and entertaining experience shared with friends for a truly special day out.

But it is also a day full of meaning and… at the end, it’s cake-cutting and birthday wishes time!

Ca’ Rezzonico
Game of the Goose

A living Game of the Goose, in which children compete in teams. The throw of each team’s maxi-die tells it which “box” (a room in the museum) it can reach. A map of the museum, transformed into a “board” and beautifully illustrated by Anna Forlati, states, for each room, what task or trial awaits the team, the die to be rethrown and the other “boxes” to be conquered, assisted by the guides at every step. Each participant will get to keep a copy of this special “board”, for use at home as a “normal” but completely original version of the Game of the Goose. The team that arrives first at the finish line (in the Sala dei Pulcinella) wins, but the runner-up will also be rewarded: with this experience, both teams will have joyfully and easily discovered the museum and its treasures.

At Ca’ Pesaro

Based on the celebrated game of charades that dates back to the eighteenth century, the game at Ca’ Pesaro assigns a number of rooms in the museum to each team and, within these, a series of works of art to describe to the “opposing” team through mime, sounds, with materials or other means. After preparing separately, “studying” the works and rehearsing their “performance” needed to describe them, the teams work together, each in turn guessing or illustrating the work in question. Each time one is guessed, a card reproducing the work is won. At the end, the two teams can prepare a 3D “layout” of their own cardboard gallery.