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Pietro Bellotti

Pietro Bellotti was born in Venice in 1725. When he is 16, he is registered as an apprentice in the workshop of his brother, who is only three years older than him and who has been registered in the schedules of ‘Guild of painters‘ when he was 16 years old. Less than a year after the young painter abandons the house where her brother lives with her mother.

Pietro Bellotti is then in Genoa in 1746, where he met his future wife. Throughout the second half of the century he is in France. Toulouse, the city where he lives his family, remains the center of his activities, but he is also found in Nantes (1755-1768), Besancon (1761) and Lille (1778-1779), and of course in Paris on several occasions (the first time in 1754-1755). Pietro Bellotti takes advantage of being the newpew of Canaletto and his fame in France, calling himself “le Sieur Canalety‘ or ‘Pietro Bellotti di Caneletty“. With an independent style and personal elaborates the inventions of Canaletto, creating numerous views of the most important cities in Europe, as well as some architectural ‘capricci‘.

In the 60s of the 18th century Pietro Bellotti is in England. His contemporary Jean-Paul Lucas writes in 1805 “Pietro Bellotti died recently in France”.